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Last sweep of the year

The Red Sox have now finished sweeping the sweepiest postseason ever. I kinda feel bad for the Colorado Rockies, who, for whatever reason – pressure, layoff, Steve Bartman, whatever – were just not playing good baseball. They were not playing up to the standard they set for themselves over the last few months. But, frankly, some questionable choices were made. Like, why send Brian Fuentes in to give up runs in the eighth inning every single game instead of skipping straight to Manny Corpas, who finished the series with an ERA of goddamn zero? Why not bunt the shit out of first base and make Francona pay out the nose for starting Ortiz? Why not send Willy Taveras in to pinch-hit in the ninth, bunt his speedy ass on base, and then maybe steal into scoring position? Ah well. There’s always next year. Take it from me, there sure is.

In other news, A-Rod is a free agent again. Dave had an interesting theory that the Dodgers should sign him, since they’re an expensive club that just wants to be in the news and doesn’t really care about the World Series, which is the perfect place for A-Rod. I said Mets for about 100% the same reasons.

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