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Enter the Dragon

So Dragon’s Lair just came out on Steam. Nice try, boys, but you’re just a hair too late; now that I own a PS3, I don’t need to buy Dragon’s Lair, since goddamn 40% of all PS3 games are Dragon’s Lair with a fresh coat of paint.

Aside: where the hell is Dave? I bought a goddamn Playstation 3, and he is nowhere to be seen when I really need somebody to make fun of me. SOS DAVE PLEASE SEND SARCASM

I promise I’ll have a proper comedy bit about Ni no Kuni up soon. And, yes, the title is on my list of things to roast. Trouble is: my brilliant plan is entirely too brilliant, and I need to level up so I have enough INT to write it. By which I mean you better believe I already preordered the whole entire set of these.

May 18th, 2013 Posted by | Games | one comment