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Things I’ve learned from Resident Evil 4

  • Zombies comin’ up the hill? Hold B and THEN press A, bitch.
  • They shot down your helicopter? Bummer. Well, send another. Reckon we’ll keep trying this until it works!
  • The Spanish actually speak with Mexican accents.
  • I can’t think of anything more fun than sudden twitch minigames that result in instant death if you fail. Neither can Capcom.
  • When you port your game to the Wii, you can replace all your "mash the A button really fast" minigames with "shake the controller really fast" minigames.
  • Shaking the controller really fast is marginally more fun than mashing a button really fast, but still somewhat less fun than not doing either.
  • It’s totally impossible to move and fire a shotgun simultaneously. And you can forget about moving and reloading. This is a delicate procedure.
  • Zombies evidently got infravision sometime while I wasn’t looking. Maybe in 3.5.
  • It’s not important to tell your commanding officer that you’ve been injected with the evil zombie virus. That would reduce the time you can spend flirting with her, after all. Even though the bitch didn’t make the radio.
  • The United States government has the authority to force a corporation to suspend business indefinitely just by fiat. With no due process whatsoever. Even if it’s a multinational corporation.
  • There exist corporations that would actually go for that.

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