The Dord of Darien

Musings from the Mayor of the Internet


Welcome to The Dord of Darien, wherein the lawfully-elected Mayor of the Internet (now serving his third term) expounds upon a variety of topics, ranging from food to video games to highfalutin’ philosophical jibber-jabber. This blog is guaranteed to become NSFW to some degree at somewhat unpredictable times, and will probably offend you sooner or later because that’s just how I do, y’all. If you’re not down with that, feel free to start your own blog all about how much you hate me and complain there.

As Mayor around here, I intend to be to the internet what Mike Haggar is to Metro City: punks jump up, they get beat down. So don’t be a punk and I won’t have to bust you in the teeth with a damn pipe. And don’t even think about kidnapping my daughter.

Darien TV
Actual footage from a TV news broadcast about Darien