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The humiliation is now complete

Never mind how long it’s been since they’ve won the World Series. Never mind the ordeal of firing their manager in the least graceful way possible (as I mentioned last column). Never mind the seventeen trillion dollars they paid A-rod to beat up on Tampa Bay in July and flop against Cleveland in October. The Yankees have now suffered the ultimate indignation. As Dan Wetzel explains so brilliantly, the Yankees are now obsolete.

And for those of you harping about how I write too much about baseball, give me a damn break. The World Series is starting this week; this is baseball’s hot season. After it’s over, you probably won’t see one word of baseball come out of me for six months. And then, of course, all you "less video games and food, more baseball" people will have your cue to accelerate the bitching. Some days, a wise man once said, you just can’t get rid of a bomb.

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