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Yo Joe!

Joe Torre walked out on the Yankees, which was an excellent decision on his part and a show of poor personnel management skills on the parts of the "new" Yankees leadership. With George Steinbrenner relinquishing control of the franchise due to the fact that he’s frankly nine thousand years old, this is probably the first major decision make in thirty years that he wasn’t directly and personally responsible for, and it was done badly. You don’t take a much-loved, well-performing, loyal employee of twelve years and offer him a 33% pay cut if he wants to stay. That’s bullshit, the Yankees know it’s bullshit, and, to his credit, Torre knew it was bullshit too.

October 21st, 2007 Posted by | Baseball | 2 comments


  1. Best part about Torre’s refusal of their offer was how everyone at work kept telling me, independently of each other, “He said it was like a total slap in the face.” And I’m thinking, is that f-a-c-e or f-a-s-e? Cause it’s hard to tell sometimes.


    Comment by Ama | 22 October 2007

  2. Also, wtf?? I linked to Darien’s blog but he didn’t link to mine. /cry

    Comment by Ama | 22 October 2007

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