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In other news: Mark Buehrle is an asshole

You hear the bit about how he said — publicly — that he hopes Michael Vick gets injured? Classy, Mark!

Get a load of this garbage:

Buehrle is a dog owner and animal rights advocate.

Buehrle also is an avid hunter, and was asked how he responded to those who say someone who kills animals has no right to criticize Vick.

"Hunting is a sport. There are hunting stores out there," Buehrle said.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea; I’m not an animal rights advocate. I’ve thought about becoming one, but then I realised that I had a prior engagement with not being a moron. But that’s not really the point here. The point is that it takes a special kind of stupid to go out and intentionally harm and kill animals for sport, and then publicly wish harm on other people for doing the exact same thing. And then to poop out the lamest justification I’ve ever heard in my life.

In case you think Buehrle’s not actually saying what I make it sound like he’s saying, he clarifies:

"If that’s illegal, shame on my dad, shame on my grandpa, his grandpa. It’s kind of been brought up throughout the history of America," he said. "The last time I knew dogfighting was a sport was never."

The ultimate arbiter of morality in Mark Buehrle’s mind: the government. Well played, Mark! Well played, indeed.

Just keep in mind that, according to Mark Buehrle, owning slaves in Virginia in the 1830s would not be at all inconsistent with being a human rights advocate.

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