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That makes me feel better

Whenever baseball is pissing me off, I like to step back, take a deep breath, and then go see what the Mets are up to. The Mets are honestly reason enough for anyone on Earth to be a baseball fan, because they are the funniest thing ever imagined.

So. K-Rod is out for the season with surgery on his pitching hand. The AP writeup goes a little something like this:

Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez has a torn thumb ligament in his pitching hand and will need surgery to repair the injury, which presumably was sustained when punching his girlfriend’s father at Citi Field.

Good. Good writing, AP. But it wouldn’t be the Mets if they couldn’t make this situation even funnier; apparently they’re now considering attempting to void K-Rod’s contract. This would be awesome for them — just like this guy says — because they’re giving him a totally hilarious overpay. Which is why, incidentally, they won’t be able to trade him (I’m talking to you, Klapisch).

But I love this part:

If the Mets manage to void Rodriguez’s contract, it would be a major coup for both the Wilpons and GM Omar Minaya.

Given that the Wilpons and GM Omar Minaya are the boneheads who gave him that bloated contract in the first place, I think it downgrades from "major coup" to "slight saving grace."

Thanks, Mets! I feel much better now.

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