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Hey gang, Chipper Jones is in trouble! Let’s put on a show cry big crocodile tears!

Chipper has torn his ACL doing this, which some people suspect may be the end of his career. I personally am not convinced of that, though it’s certainly the case that Chipper’s been a big damn drama queen lately, so who knows. There’s a post on Fangraphs talking about his Hall of Fame potential, which I think is idiotic, since Chipper was fucking amazing and is almost definitely first-ballot material. But that’s not what I came to talk about tonight. I’d just like to address this one little snippet in isolation:

While he’s been one of the best-hitting third basemen of all time, his defense has been below-average at best. And his admitted marital infidelity is pretty hard to defend, as well.

In re: Chipper’s marital infidelity:

Who cares.

Is that baseball-related? No. So should it impact his Hall of Fame chances? No. And, hey, riddle me this, caped crusader: do you suspect Chipper is entirely unusual in his infidelity? I’d submit that if you had a job that kept you on the road a third of the year, and at which you worked long, grueling hours even when you weren’t on the road, and you constantly had attractive young women throwing themselves at you, you may very well be unfaithful to your wife as well.

So can we can the holier-than-thou routine and just talk about baseball maybe?

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