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Don’t know how lucky you are

We’re listening to the Beatles at work, and Back in the USSR comes on. One of my cooks says to me "hey, what’s the USSR?"

In dead earnest.

My new goal in life is to get a law passed permitting me to slap anybody who’s that woefully ignorant of the world. Especially if said person frequently discourses on political subjects.

February 2nd, 2008 Posted by | My new goal in life | 3 comments


  1. What? These people you work with are all fricking communist hippies and they haven’t heard of the USSR? What’s wrong with them?

    Comment by Ama | 2 February 2008

  2. Just tell him it’s something that made Noam Chomsky really sad when it disappeared.

    Comment by Dave | 4 February 2008

  3. No way, dude. Chomsky’s a libertarian socialist. This differs from the totalitarian socialists in the USSR in that it’s completely contradictory and impossible.

    Comment by Darien | 5 February 2008

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