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It’s okay to do this, right?

The Los Angeles Angels of Alberquerque suffered a pretty hard beat by the Red Sox last night, going down 9-8 in the last of the ninth. Brian Fuentes was dynamite for two batters, and then turned back into a pumpkin when the clock struck Papi. Walk, single, single, walk, single, and that was the ol’ ballgame. And then he said this about the umpires:

"Especially here, and some other places, they seem timid to make calls. I’ve heard it from other guys that come in here and say that. That’s either because it’s a mistake, or they’re scared."

Ignore the nonsensical "especially here and some other places." The point is: hey, I guess it’s okay when you suck to accuse the umpires of cheating for the other team!

Now, I’m sympathetic to a point. Ball four on that second walk — which scored the tying run — was a ridiculously bad call. The umpires unquestionably blew that one. But, seriously, Brian, it’s way the fuck not okay to accuse them of some grand conspiracy to make you lose. For fuck’s sake, man. It’s one call. You ever throw one pitch that doesn’t hit the strike zone? Oh, yeah; that’s how you got in that situation to begin with, isn’t it. Were you deliberately trying to let the Red Sox win when you did that? No? Were you just "intimidated" by Fenway and so you didn’t try real hard? Not that either? You just fucked up? Okay, then. You and the umpires have something in common. Now re-fucking-lax before your crazy mouth gets you in trouble.

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