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I’ve been cruising the baseball tubes lately, scoping out the reaction of the general populace to Milton Bradley now that the season’s begun in earnest. I’m generally pleasantly surprised with what I’m seeing. It seems like people are willing to give the dude the benefit of the doubt, which is nice; I’m not seeing a whole lot of people making nasty comments about how long it’s going to be until Milton loses his shit and maybe busts up an umpire or a fan or somehow kills the Astros’ whole season, which would be especially unfair after last season, when Bud Selig ruined the Astros by callously not allowing the Cubs to be obliterated by a hurricane to make the division a bit easier.

I’m in favour of Milton Bradley, really. You’ll notice that every time I’ve mentioned him so far, I’ve voiced concerns about his ability to stay healthy, but I haven’t jumped on the "Milton Bradley is a poo-poo head" bandwagon? Sure, he did some dumb things when he was younger, but I can’t find an instance of him losing his cool in the last five years without being goaded into it. Frankly, I probably would have sided with Milton no matter what he did to this piece of shit if he managed to find the dude.

So what I’m saying is that I’m glad people appear to be willing to give the dude a chance. He’s a hell of a batter if he stays healthy, and we should probably wait for him to, you know, do something wrong before we jump all over him for it.

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