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I did something different for Valentine’s Day this year. If you recall, last year I made a fancy dinner with wine pairings and the works. This year, we went out. First, we went to the ballet, where they were doing a special Cole Porter "romance" night — it was a fun show, and I love Cole Porter, so that made up for the bit where they lost our tickets and we had to stand at the box office fucking around for fifteen minutes while they figured out what was going on. A lady I’ve worked with in other productions (back in pre-history when the earth was still young) was in the troupe, which was a nice surprise.

After the show, we went up the street a bit for dancing and a chocolate buffet; due to an allergy, I was regrettfully unable to partake of the dancing, but I certainly tried the chocolate. Man, they had everything — dark and white fondue with marshmallows, strawberries, pineapple, and pretzels, brownies, red velvet cake, chocolate-dipped cookies, petits fours, mousse, parfait, eclairs, you name it. They even had goddamn M&Ms. If you have a wife or fiancee or girlfriend or indentured servant or whatever, take her to one of these things sometime. It will be your only opportunity to hear her say she can’t eat any more chocolate.

And you can sip your tisane and eat your petits fours and feel like a complete fag. Bonus!

February 15th, 2009 Posted by | Food | 3 comments


  1. We went to Fouga de Chao, a sort of Brazillian meat buffet, except they bring all the meat right to you. As much fun as chocolate is, I gotta say that infinite steak is even better.

    Alas, sadly, it does not look like there are any chocolate buffets in my neck of the woods.

    Comment by Stephen | 15 February 2009

  2. I say next year we trade. You come out here and go for chocolate, I’ll go out there and go get BEEFS.

    Comment by Darien | 15 February 2009


    I would totally be down for that.

    Comment by Ama | 15 February 2009

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