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Interlude: odds and ends

I’m too sick to handle any Xenosaga today, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to clear up a few things I’m given to understand have been left vague in my diary posts.

First of all, the main character (the character I refer to as "me" in the diaries). I’m the chief science officer responsible for creating the Killer Robot. And I’m a woman. I’m apparently absentminded and careless. The Killer Robot is also a woman.

The battle system seems like it could be interesting, but all my choices are exactly the same at the moment. I’m hoping that once I’m a bit farther into the game that will be less the case — in my experience with the Baten Kaitos games, combat starts out simple and becomes more involved later on. That may be the case here too.

Whenever I get an e-mail, it involves me literally having a conversation with my e-mail client, which is apparently a white floating rabbit with a visor.

Most of the characters have weird Japanese names, and the voice actors don’t know how to pronounce them. This leads to no end of stuttering and spluttering during the dialogue.

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