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Pestilence, filth, and hippies

So I was at my filth and disease class tonight, and, unsurprisingly (given the location), there were a lot of ignorant hippies also in attendance. One of them in particular was rather stunning. She took every opportunity to interrupt the instructor so she could point out how hip she is; for example, when we were discussing pathogens found in raw meat, she piped up to explain to us all that she certainly does not cook meat or fish of any sort, as though we would care. She also scoffed at the idea that the tainted peanuts that have been causing so much uproar for a month or so were an act of deliberate sabotage — in her words, that was "just an excuse" to cover up the fact that, obviously, everything produced by those horrible corporations and sold to mass-market idiots is evil and unwholesome to begin with. She was also rather perturbed by the news that her beloved Whole Foods Market — clearly the antithesis of those evil corporations — is in fact also hit by the recall.

The best part, though, was when we were discussing the dangers involved with cleaning products and sanitisers if not properly diluted and rinsed, when she launched into a tirade about how we shouldn’t even be allowed to have those "dangerous chemicals" near food. That’s right — this particular hippie is stupid enough that she actually wants soap banned from food service. So that way, when everybody dies from lack of sanitation, at least it was all-natural!

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