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Check this shit out. Is there any bad thing in the world — anything at all, now — that baseball columnists will not blame Bud Selig for? Look how derelict he was in his responsibilities! He didn’t try to stick a punishment the union would overturn anyhow on a player who was guilty of horrible misdeeds that were actually completely unrelated to baseball? The coward!

Let’s ignore the ridiculous conceit that violence against women is worse than violence against, you know, men. The issue, as far as I’m cocnerned, is that Brian Giles went into a bar and hit somebody. Now, let’s note that Brian Giles did not do this during a baseball game, nor did he do this at a baseball park. Why should baseball get involved? Yes, players do get suspended for doping, for insubordination, for corking their bats, and for doctoring balls. You know what all those things have in common? They’re baseball-related. Now let’s talk about things players do not get suspended for: jaywalking, shoplifting, speeding, driving under the influence (lawl Joba), income tax evasion (lawl Prince). You see how those don’t have anything to do with baseball? Just like domestic violence doesn’t have anything to do with baseball? Aha!

It’s not baseball’s — nor Bud Selig’s — job to send a "message" about your politics. So relax a minute there, Buster Brown. You can probably think of a cheap pickup line that casts fewer aspersions than this lunacy.

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