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Last man standing: The Philadelphia Phillies

Hey, now maybe Phillies fans will shut the fuck up about how they haven’t won a World Series in twenty-eight whole years, a number that totally fails to fill Cubs fans such as myself with much sympathy. And a number that doesn’t really make much sense to whine about, since, given that there are thirty teams in the MLB, it’s pretty much a guarantee that at least two of them haven’t won a World Series in twenty-eight years, don’t you think?

October 29th, 2008 Posted by | Baseball | one comment

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    Philadelphia can bite me too. Boo hoo, you haven’t won anything since the Sixers won the NBA title in 82 or whatever. WHO CARES? Answer: Nobody not from Philly.

    I remember when the Phillies last won a World Series! Before 2004 almost nobody could say that about the Red Sox, and I bet there’s maybe only a few people in the world who can claim to remember the last time the Cubs won. So shut the hell up Philly and crawl back into your holes. The only good things that ever came out of Philly were Rocky and the cheese steak, and the rest of the country had to fucking fix the cheese steak before we could stomach it anyway.

    Yes, I’m bitter. Stupid Rays, you were supposed to win. I HATE YOU GUYS EVEN MORE NOW.

    Comment by Dave | 30 October 2008

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