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There’s just no way!

Government is getting completely insane and overbearing because of baseball? Say not so! Next thing you know Congress will be wasting our money launching probes into whether or not retired players ever used not-banned-at-the-time substances. Maybe while they’re at it they could investigate rock music and find out if it really does make kids worship Satan.

If you’re familiar with my attitude toward stuff like this, you’ll have no trouble guessing that my very favourite part was when Jr. Daley says that anybody who doesn’t go along with the "voluntary" ban will have his business taken away from him by the Mayoraliser and given to someone else. Hey, they’ve all "made enough money this year already." Also it’s the case that Mayor Daley has made enough money this year. So… I guess that means I can just kick him out and become mayor, yeah?

If I’m allowed to be mayor of two places at the same time. Which I’ll have to look into.

September 24th, 2008 Posted by | Baseball, Bullshit | one comment

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  1. Sure, it’s doable. After all, SimCity on the SNES has two save slots.

    And you won’t even have to truncate “Chicago” because it’s only seven letters long, not eight.

    Comment by Nyperold | 25 September 2008

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