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It’s the movies

It started a week or so ago, as the wife was carping at me about movies. "Darien," she sez, "why don’t you take some time off from your busy schedule of being an international hero and sex symbol and stare at movies with it instead?” So I explained to her again that movies just aren’t very interesting to me, and I’d prefer to spend my time on other pursuits, such as playing video games, making video games, swearing about video games, and saving your life in the future. "But," I fatefully intoned, "there is one movie I’m interested in."

So the next thing I know I’m being carted off through the gale-force winds of downtown Wasilla — which was used as the model for that Chrono Trigger level where you have to hide behind the trees or else the wind will murder you — to a damn movie theatre.

Now, I haven’t been to the movies since my honeymoon. In 2001. And that was a specalised old-tymey theatre; it’s been even longer since I’ve been to the normal movies. So I’m not equipped to say if this is an especially nice theatre or if they’ve just gotten better o’er these many years, but I actually didn’t hate the experience. See, the trouble is, I’m a mayor. As such, I have the typical mayor body type. Theatre seats — like airplane seats — are very much too narrow for my Bigfootesque shoulders, and tend to be very uncomfortable. The movie was pretty good, too; I saw Wreck-It Ralph, which, as a cartoon about video games, was right up my alley. Probably I’ll write more about it later; Amazon just pushed a Kindle Fire update that included this obnoxious Swype bullshit I can’t figure out how to get rid of, and typing has become a tremendous chore. Send help.

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