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Ned Colletti just got a big new deal

And is still a moron. Here are two lines from this article that I swear ran back-to-back like this in the original:

Colletti was reportedly praised by the Dodgers new ownership group after pulling off a nine-player blockbuster trade that included bringing first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, starting pitcher Josh Beckett and outfielder Carl Crawford over from the Boston Red Sox.

The Dodgers are 7-12 since the trade but are still in the National League wild card chase.

Great job, Ned!

Colletti has also signed outfielder Matt Kemp to an eight-year, $160-million contract extension and traded for shortstop Hanley Ramirez, outfielder Shane Victorino and pitcher Joe Blanton, and extended outfielder Andre Ethier’s contract.

Hanley was a pretty good pick, and Ethier’s awesome, but Kemp’s only played 89 games this year due to injuries, Victorino’s gone .247 / .314 / .329 for a whacking great 79 OPS+ since the trade, and Blanton’s thrown 40 innings of 61 ERA+ ball and cost the Dodgers half a win. So, really. Great work, Ned!

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