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Kenny Rogers: some kind of imbecile?

Kenny Rogers, following his team’s disastrous implosion against the fawful Cleveland Indians tonight, said this, regarding the upcoming adoption of instant replay for judging disputed home run calls:

"I don’t like it. I think that it overshot the mark by far just because, what, in a Yankee game someone didn’t get a homer? Please. It’s happened thousands of times. That’s part of the game."

Way to be a fag, Kenny. If you hate and fear change, what better way to express your angst and moodiness than by blaming it on some mythical Yankees conspiracy? The best part, of course, is that he blames it on the Yankees in one sentence and then, one sentence and one interjection later, declares that it’s happened "thousands of times." Apparently Mr. Gambler doesn’t have a problem with "thousands" of legitimate home runs being ruled fouls because the umps couldn’t see what was happening clearly. Maybe that’s just because his team is goddamn terrible and anything that takes runs away from other teams is a win in his book.

Or maybe he’s just a moron.

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