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World Series game 7 drinking game

Okay, here are the rules. Hope you’re all ready!

Take a drink whenever:

  • Someone is intentionally walked. Take a second drink if the pitcher who threw the IBB doesn’t do anything else.
  • Someone attempts a sacrifice bunt, successful or not. Take a second drink if the bunter had a 2011 OPS+ greater than 100. Third drink if it’s better than 130.
  • Someone commits an error. Take a second drink if the error allows the go-ahead run to score. Take a third drink if it’s in extra innings.
  • There’s a pitching change. Take a second drink if this isn’t the first pitching change this half-inning. Finish the bottle if the wrong pitcher comes in.
  • A pinch hitter comes in who has a 2011 OPS+ worse than the hitter he’s replacing.
  • Someone is caught stealing. Take a second drink if the steal wouldn’t have helped anyway.
  • The batter calls for the hit-and-run and then doesn’t swing.

Good luck surviving the night, everybody! Oh, one one final rule:

  • If the Cardinals win, drink until your heart stops.

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