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Come on

The two toughest outs in this lineup are Polanco and Ruiz.

So sayeth the Giants’ announcers. But we know better.

Carlos Ruiz’s 2010 OBP: .400. That’s really good. He actually is the toughest out in the Phillies’ lineup!

But Placido Polanco? .339. The following gentlemen are all tougher outs than Placido Polanco:

Jayson Werth (.388)
Chase Utley (.387)
Ryan Howard (.353)
Raul Ibanez (.347)

Good work, announcers! Placido Polanco is the sixth-toughest out in the Phillies lineup. Only Victorino and Rollins are easier to get out.

So maybe they just meant "in the NLCS?"

Placido Polanco: .350

Jayson Werth: .400
Ryan Howard: .400
Carlos Ruiz: .386

And just for fun:

Roy Halladay: .333
Roy Oswalt: .333

So I guess maybe you can just say whatever you want and not worry about checking your facts.

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