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Air travel

I watched six hours of ESPN on the plane and learned exactly nothing about sports. I did hear over and over again about what a gutless chokemaster some Yankees dude is. I think his name was like Adam Roderigo. Nobody I’d ever heard of; must just be some anonymous role-player. Also I got the surreal experience of enduring one of those “debates” wherein the two dudes just yell a lot, only this time Skip Bayless was the one making more sense (even if he did say that A.J. Burnett’s initials stand for “always gets nervous,” which is conspicuously absent a J). The other dude was busy yelling about how Pedro Martinez obviously didn’t pitch well, since the Phillies didn’t win. I guess all those pitchers’ duels I’ve heard about were pernicious lies.

On the bright side, I got to hear some player or other say about Brett Favre “when he’s on he’s on, and when he’s off he’s off. So it’s our job to get him off.” Phraseology: 10/10.

On the dim side, I sat through ninety minutes of Colin Cowherd.

I am in Awesometown.

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