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I love Ron Santo, but…

He’s a terrible colour man. He just referred to the Cubs’ 1-18 record when scoring fewer than four runs as a sign that the Cubs aren’t scoring enough runs.

What? What are you talking about, Ron? That is the exact opposite of what that stat means. That stat means that the Cubs are allowing too many runs.

I think Ron might be drunk.

May 22nd, 2010 Posted by | Baseball | 3 comments

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

I just got a call from Gamestop; my copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be arriving tomorrow morning. Now, since I’m not a retard, and I’m aware that tomorrow is Sunday and not a goddamn thing will be arriving then, I can tell that what this actually means is that my copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2 is there right now and they won’t sell it to me yet because it’s before the official launch date. Which, I mean, is totally fine with me; I just think it’s funny that they lie about it.

So when I get out of work tomorrow, I’m headed to Gamestop to pick this thing up. Would you believe I took the day off from work on Monday just so I could stay home and play Nintendo? That’s fucking lame, dude. But there you are.

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