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Anybody else notice this about Mass Effect 2?

There’s a section in the keybindings for "vehicle controls." But you know what? I’ve done everything there is to do in this game, near as I’m aware, and there isn’t a single controllable vehicle anywhere. Not that I’m sad about that, mind you, but… why vehicle controls bindings with no vehicles?

Anybody have any insight?

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Just one thing real quick

So never mind the part where Tim says that Mike Scioscia is a great manager even though he’s awful. I’d like to talk about this:

One of the more critical elements of the Angels’ season will be [third baseman Brandon] Wood, who will be 25 in March. In parts of three big league seasons, he has batted .192, struck out in about a third of his at-bats and walked seven times in 236 plate appearances. Scouts adore his ability, however, and can’t believe it has taken the Angels this long to give him a real shot, now after more than 3,300 minor league plate appearances.

I can believe this thing. In 236 Major League PA, Wood has only 43 hits and 7 walks. His career line: .192 / .222 / .313 / .535, for a career OPS+ of 39. It doesn’t matter how much "scouts adore his ability," because actually he sucks on ice.

For reference, Tim: the real keys to the Angels’ season will be Bobby Abreu, Hideki Matsui, and the Seattle Mariners.

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Mass Effect 2 post with a spoiler

So C-Sec is an airport security joke in Mass Effect 2, which is pretty funny. But at one point I have to convince them to take some Asari off their no-fly list. Apparently, see, the Asari got on the no-fly list because they’re suspected of being Geth agents. So I have this huge argument with the customs lady about how I don’t think they’re Geth, right? And she says they need to be super-careful so no Geth get on the Citadel.

And, of course, the whole time we’re having this conversation, my Geth crew member is standing right the fuck there.

That sounds about like airport security to me.

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