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World Series game 2

A-Rod: 0-4, 3K
Head-case. Greedy stat-padding chokaholic fuckhead. Worst player ever? Yeah. Worst player ever.

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World Series game 1

Infamous asshole choker Alexander Bonaparte Rodriguez went 0-4 with 3K. Never comes up big when the team needs him.

Of course, the only Yankee who could get a hit off of Clifford Henry Lee was He Whose Name May Be Spoken Only In Whispers, the Sainted Holy Father of Yankees, the Reverend Doctor Derek Aloysius November, who went 3-4. Sabathia was pretty much just as good as Lee, allowing basically nobody but rugged outlaw Chase Utley to get any hits. Utley’s fell for solo homers, though, and that was the key difference.

Well, that and Joe Girardi giving up after the seventh inning and giving the ball to the scrubs so they could allow seventeen additional runs. Which was a highly questionable plan.

Tonight, the reanimated spooky corpse of Pedro Martinez faces off against crybaby A.J. Burnett. I’ll pay Pedro ten United States dollars if he throws the whole game sidearm like he did against the Indians in ’99.

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