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Remember when Shaq made a rap album?

See also: Barry Zito’s sleazy lounge music.

Well, some football dude just cut a fresh new rap single. Am I using the lingo right, here? It’s fresh and dope. It’s freshydope. Doperfly. It’s the dopest. Check it out. Can you handle the fat beats?

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Still sorry about your name, man

Tim Brown has a totally boring article up about Albert Pooholes and why he’s the NL MVP. But the tagline for it says "there’s no debate about the NL MVP award."

What’s wrong with you, Tim? Don’t say shit like that. Are you trying to get Rosenthal all worked up again?

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Fire Miniced

On the Diablo III forums, discussing the different resource types the different classes use, we get this gem from some doofus calls himself "Miniced:"

"I don’t understand how the Wizard should have something else than mana. I mean, it’s logic that magic users use mana and the wizard is the class that ressemble the most of a classic mage as we know it."

First of all, yes, I know: (sic)(sic)(sic)(sic)(sic) and so forth. That’s not what I wanted to make fun of. The part I wanted to make fun of was the idea that it’s somehow "logic[al, presumably]" that magic users use mana. As though the concept of "magic users" is one that has any parallel in reality, and as though "mana" is anything but a made-up word to describe what that blue bar represents. How is mana any more "logic[al]" than the old standard: magic points? There are tons of things that make exactly as much sense as mana, since they’re all made-up words for a resource system anyhow.

It’s going to be Ultimate Cow Force, by the way.

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