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What I’m thankful for

Hey hey, it’s Thanksgiving. Did everybody have a good holiday? Did anybody do anything particularly crass or boorish, like dumping a glass of water on somebody else’s dinner?

Thanksgiving, clearly, is for the giving of thanks. If you’d spent as much time studying etymology as I have, you’d have figured that out already, thickie. So let’s all give some thanks.

I’m thankful for video games, baseball, Warhammer 40k, food, and Bigfoot, without which I wouldn’t really ever have anything to say on this dumb blog. I’m thankful for the magical internet and its seemingly endless supply of free jokes and porn. I’m thankful for living in the Frozen North and not some godawful place where it’s still eighty degrees in November. I’m thankful for speech, and guns, and whatever other freedoms we still have. I’m thankful for Thanksgiving with my family always being an evening full of bawdy jokes and swearing, punctuated by way too much food and copious amounts of booze, since quite frankly being quiet and respectful just isn’t our style. Oh, and I’m thankful for Divine Plea. Holy shit does that rock.

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