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This just in: game journalism is still awful

Let’s say you’re not interested in my moral philosophising from the last post. What the hell, you say. You came here to read about how awful video game journalism is! Well, I have a deal for you on that front also. We all know that modern rock radio is the very very most awful radio format, right? It clearly is. Well, on the local modern rock station — which, regrettably, I often endure at work — they do video game "news" segments also, and they are as bad as you’d expect video game journalism on a modern rock radio station in Anchorage goddamn Alaska to be. But today they really one-upped themselves (get it? That was a video game joke): they no-fooling claimed that there are not, nor will there ever be, any shooters on the Wii U. Which is nonsense. I mean, obvious, provable nonsense. It’s one thing if you want to be like Gamespot and claim that nobody should buy the Wii U because obviously it’s for little girls and homogays, but it takes a special kind of stupid to claim that this list contains no shooters at all. I mean, for Pete’s sake, it has damn Mass Effect 3 and Black Ops 2 on it, right? And those are just about the biggest shooters that came out this whole year. And they’re officially 100% already out, so you can’t even cop out and claim that you figured they’d get canceled.

I mean, I often get accused of being a Nintendo partisan, and there is some (though only some) truth to this. Generally, I find Mario way more fun than some boring-ass multiplayer army shooter. That’s just me. But I do not believe it counts as me being partisan to say, you know, there might be a shooter or two on the Wii U. So, congratulations, radio station: you’ve managed to be worse than Gamespot and IGN.

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