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Ludum Dare recap

Oh, I forgot to say: I came in 427th overall in Ludum Dare 23, which is not too damn bad when you consider it was out of 1401 submitted games. Top third! My highest ranking was in humour (189th), and my lowest were in innovation (674th) and graphics (620), neither of which is a surprise to me at all, since my graphics are horribad and I made a fairly standard item-catching game. The only twist really is that it’s in the round. The one ranking that is a surprise to me is sound — 363rd? I’ve gotten surprisingly consistent praise for the music in Dessert Planet, which is nuts, since it was something I bonked out in like fifteen minutes while trying to learn lmms. But I guess people are in to it, which is oddly gratifying.

So where do I go from here? Well, now that ld48 is over, I should probably upload the newer build, which has a bunch of bug fixes and also knows how to save high scores between sessions. But more excitingly: the Android version is almost ready! I have a few bugs I’m hunting (one is very stubborn) and a few promotional assets I need to get done and then I’ll be ready to launch. I’m planning on both Google Play and the Amazon App Store, so you can get a copy from whichever one you like best. I plan to launch at 99 cents, since, really, Dessert Planet’s a fun time-waster — I could see me playing it for a few minutes while I’m waiting for an elevator or something — but it’s not really a deep, engrossing game you’re going to spend dozens of hours on.

After that? Well, I have an idea that I might add another entire play mode to the game, and probably as a free update for anybody who already owns the Android version (though if it’s super awesome, I might raise the price — incentive to buy it early!). So Dessert Planet development is still very much alive, just… postponed a bit due to Diablo 3, is all.

Also in the pipeline for the near future: I’m going to swear at somebody about baseball! Been really lazy about that this year.

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