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Privacy, security, and TERROR!

Dan got a bit wordy today, and in the process managed to say a lot of good things on a subject that is of rather a bit of importance to me. In fact, it’s rather a bit more important to me lately than it normally is, since in a few months I’ll be boarding an airplane for the first time in sixteen years, and will be forced through the tender ministrations of the TSA, which is the only government agency I know of offhand that’s looney enough to tell you right there on the front page of its own web site what a bunch of assholes they are. Yes, not even the dreaded IRS tells you right up-front how many people they’ve sent to jail recently for tax fraud, but the TSA is all bragging about how many arrests they’ve made because people are "suspicious." Remind me again how many terrorist cells or serious threats against the American people we’ve uncovered in this last week, during which the TSA has arrested eleven people for being "suspicious."

And lest we think the TSA is actually protecting us from anything, note their other interesting statistic: zero "artfully concealed prohibited items" were discovered in the past week. Don’t let yourself think for one minute that this is because no prohibited items were there to be found; Oh, no. As is plain as day to anybody who isn’t being paid with taxpayer money to appropriate still more taxpayer money for this bullshit, the reason they found nothing is because the prohibited items were concealed too well for the TSA to locate.

Served and protected.

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