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Mass Effect 3: day two


Don’t follow the jump if you don’t want teh spoilz.

Hey, Garrus is back! That thoroughly explodes my theory that no party members from Mass Effect 2 would be returning. Good jorb, me!

I’ve just realised that I haven’t played any hacking or lockpicking minigames yet. What is this? Stuff just opens or gives you credits. End of days and no mistake.

So I land on this moon, and I do a few set-piece battles where I need to defend this or that, and I shoot a turret for a while, and everything’s fine. Then I get to this section where I’m looking for some Turian general, and I just walk, and walk, and walk for a really long time. Nothing to see. Nothing to do. Nobody to shoot. Just walking around on the moon. What?

Melee is definitely a more compelling part of the gameplay, without at the same time dominating it as I was afraid it might. Shepard’s goofy new strong melee attack is super funny; I really want somebody to release a mod that makes him yell "Falcon… punch!" when he does it.

Man, Origin is such a piece of shit. I’ve told it repeatedly not to load its terrible, bloated in-game overlay, and it insists on doing it every time nonetheless. Thanks for that, EA! Go fuck yourselves and have a good day.

The "Garrus doing calibrations" jokes are much appreciated.

Also, is it just me, or is something off about EDI’s voice? She seems more staccato than she was in Mass Effect 2.

Hey, the Cerberus personnel have adopted British accents. You forget you’re not making SWTOR this time around, Bioware?

Planet scanning’s still completely terrible. At least this time it doesn’t take as long! On the dim side, if you fuck it up, you can die and have to reload. That’s an awesome mechanic.

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