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The Penitent Engine. This guy’s a beast. It’s what’s known as a "Dreadnought," basically a large walking tank. The classic version is the Space Marine Dreadnought, piloted by an honoured brother who is no longer physically able to fight on his own, so they seal him in a big, life-supporting walker tank so he can keep purging damn xenos. My version’s a little bit different.


Mine is piloted by a condemned heretic, imprisoned in this infernal machine as punishment for her sins. And she ain’t too damn happy about that, let me just tell you. So unhappy, in fact, that she has a compulsory move — I’m required to charge the thing right at the nearest enemy every single turn, so she can chop it up with saws and torch it with flamers.


Oh look, speaking of which. The nested geary things on the side were what gave me the idea to paint the thing in sort of a dark steampunk colour scheme, what with the contrasting bronze and silver sections. The traditional paint job is a lot more black. Far be it from me to talk shit about the ‘Eavy Metal crew, but I think my steampunk stylings look better.


Do you have any idea how many fiddly little purity seals this model has? It’s like twenty. And I had to paint those little squiggles on all of them.


The wing-y symbol and the block of text above it are transfers. The rest of it I painted — including that big red I that I think came out really well. The squiggles look kind of bad really up close like this, but they’re seriously tiny — there’s no possible way I could write actual words. And from a few inches away (or from table distance) you can’t tell them apart from actual writing anyhow.

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