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I’m afraid! Of the space dragons!

So let’s go into more detail on why I was super nonplussed by Samus’ inexplicable Ridley-phobia in Metroid: Other M. Instead of talking your face off, I’m going to do this in images. Apologies for the size of them; this is going to be large. So I’ll hide them after the jump so you don’t have to fetch all seventeen gobobytes everytime you reload my blog. Which, if you’re like most people, is fifteen or sixteen times a day.

Hey, welcome to after the jump! Now begins the screenshot tour. Forgive me for the relatively low quality of these images; I ripped them from YouTube videos, since I was way too lazy to cap my own. I promise the real game looks better than this.

This first series reflects the Ridley intro the way the designers wanted me to see it:

Did you get all that? Good. The fucking scene is like eight minutes long; I just pulled out some representative images. But you get the point: oh no, scary dragon monster! I am afeared!

The reason I wasn’t impressed, though, is because this is what I actually saw:

I think there’s a lesson in there for all of us. Especially Team Ninja.

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