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How to get my vote

I don’t normally talk about politics in this blog. This is because, quite frankly, it’s irritating when you go to some dude’s blog that’s normally about video games and Bigfoot and he wants to talk your damn ear off about whatever his wack-job political ideas are. But I’m making an exception to this rule right now because I’m going to discuss the one thing any candidate — even candidates who just happen to be horrible hell-spawned baby-strangling evil harpy bitches from Hell — can do to get my vote, and that is guarantee an absolute nationwide ban on motherfucking car alarms, punishable by death.

The reason I mention this is because some dude’s car alarm has been blaring outside my house for about an hour now and it’s driving me compeltely up the wall. For all that, I hope his car at least gets stolen. Maybe stolen and then dropped on him from an airplane.

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