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Line Rider again

Hey, I missed this last week when it was news, but it appears that Line Rider is being released on the Wii, DS, and PC in some sort of crazy objective-oriented puzzle format.

In an added bonus, that story is like a crazy puzzle too! If you can find your way through the maze of terrible writing and insults (note to professional journalists: it’s bad form to call your readers "lazy" for expecting you to provide needed details in the story instead of going off to do their own research), you might be able to locate some actual information about the game. If you fail, your punishment is being forced to read the preview on IGN instead, which, as always, is even worse than GameSpot, containing such novelties as the word "fest," which is apparently now an actual noun. My favourite part is where the authour draws attention to the fact that the background layers scroll at different speeds from the foreground — did this guy get frozen in ice back in 1989 and just thawed out to write this review? They should have left him there and saved on the energy bill.

On the other hand, as bad as IGN is, at least the dude doesn’t call me lazy for not doing the research he’s being paid to do. So that’s a plus.

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