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Have fun storming the castle


Inquisitorial Stormtroopers, bitches. They’re the dudes who will kick your ass if you try to fuck with my Inquisitorial Death Star. And what shadowy terror lurks in the back right corner of this picture? Answer next time!


This is the boss stormtrooper, complete with terrifying hellpistol and terrifying sword, and festooned with explosives to the point where you’re probably more likely to die if you shoot him than if he shoots you. There’s an Inquisition insignia emblazoned on his chest, but I didn’t paint that; that’s a transfer. The first transfer, in fact, that I’ve ever transferred to a blessed thing. Turns out it’s not as hard as it may seem, though they are pretty goddamn fiddly, and they dry to some type of Inquisitorial Gloss Finish that looks really weird applied to cloth. Bit of matte varnish will tamp that down, I’ll wager.


This is a regular stormtrooper looking every bit as much like a Nazi as he can manage. I’m getting better at macro photography! You see how everything’s properly in focus this time? Of course, in my excitement, I managed to invent a new way of making my pictures garbage, and I pulled the models out of the light. That’s why it looks like the thing I’m actually shooting is in shadow and everything behind it — out of focus — is in the light: because that’s exactly what I did. So I’ve pulled up the contrast in post-processing so’s you can see things.


The same guy, but — can you believe it? — I took a shot of the back, too. You can really see all the layering and shading I’ve done with these — except for the metal bits, I only used two colours of paint. True story.


This guy has a flamer. It’s for lighting bugs on fire. The smell — you know, that gasoline smell — smells like victory.


This guy has a grenade launcher. It’s for making bugs exploded. Near as I’ve been able to determine, it doesn’t smell like a single goddamn thing.

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