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Fried cheese curds are amazing


I’m serious. If you’re at a fair or some garbage like that and you have the opportunity to purchase some fried cheese curds, goddamn take it. The vendor at the cheese curds stand told me they were like mozzarella sticks but better, and he was 100% correct in his assessment. They’re awesome.

Chocolate-covered bacon ain’t too shabby, either, but that’s a story for another time.

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Lame cop-out

Sorry, gang, but there’s going to be a one-week delay on the next chapter of my story. I’m too busy this week to dig up the time, but check in next Saturday and it’ll be there. In the interim, you can catch up on older material you may have missed; turns out there are 39k words of this stuff already. Who knew?

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Holy shit, I just realised this stupid blog’s been running for three years. Who know somebody so useless could have this much pointless drivel to say?

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