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But what about Igor and Nanny?

Isn’t it weird the way the character of Dracula has evolved throughout the run of the Castlevania series? In the early games, he’s just a vampire lives in this creepy old castle and terrorises the surrounding area. Then Simon, Simon, Trevor, and Simon (respectively) go in to row his ass ’til it bleeds. End of story.

When IGA took over, though, it started to get a little bit more involved. Starting with Symphony of the Night, we saw a "priest of Dracula" who apparently wants to bring Dracula back to life to cleanse the world with the fires of chaos and all that. The Church got involved, and we learned that apparently they devote much of their effort toward fighting not Satan but Dracula, which seems weird to me, but, hey, I’m just glad to see one video game where "The Church" isn’t the bad guy.

Probably the weirdest thing of all, though, is that, unless Lament of Innocence has been retconned out and I haven’t heard about it, Dracula isn’t even properly a vampire anymore, but more like some sort of lich. Then we flash forward into 2035 for the Sorrow series, and we find out that Dracula sometimes gets reborn into unwilling forms, for some reason, and that his key power doesn’t actually have anything to do with turning into a bat or biting people in the neck, but that actually it’s the power to dominate other monsters.

I’m not really going anywhere with this. It just struck me as odd that, no matter how far away from the classical concept of Dracula the character gets, he’s still called Dracula and still referred to as a vampire. Which, of course, is all leading up to the part where I say "hey, I just played Order of Ecclesia, and it’s pretty good." I’ll get all y’all a review shortly.

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Slow news day

Check this out.

Now, I know that’s a pretty lame story — I guess there wasn’t very much to report on today over in Bend. But did you catch that last line? It’s insane, so make sure you check it out.

Hey Steve, I don’t want to be telling you your job or anything, but that doesn’t make any fucking sense. Why would only vegetarians steal bottles of balsamic vinegar? I mean, yeah, vegetarians are evil and stuff, but they’re not exactly known for their love of balsamic vinegar above all else. And what about normal people? I have a bottle of balsamic in the kitchen, and I am definitely not a vegetarian. Just to prove it, I made a ya-ya for dinner, which contains both chicken and sausage.

So, seriously, Steve. WTF?

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