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Vacation pictures

I finally got around to sorting through all my vacation pictures, so here’s a pile of them. It’s not a giant pile, but a pile nonetheless. Per usual with my photo posts, click on the little picture for the full-sized version.


This is a rare bookshop in one or other shopping plaza. This place was awesome; they had a Gutenberg Bible and a first edition of Atlas Shrugged that I was going to buy as a gift for Andrew Ryan. Then we came up with the brilliant idea of swiping something and holding it for ransom — we’d threaten to destroy it if rich people didn’t send us lots of money. Unfortunately, our first choice turned out not to be as valuable as we expected. So we tried something else instead; I’m pretty sure this one will work better. I’ll let you know once we’re rich.


Hey, here are some stairs. The neat thing about this picture is that it’s actually indoors; that sky is painted on a dome celing. I’m keen on gimmicky shit like that.


Here we’re still indoors, and we’re looking at the gondolas that ferry people around the Venetian. That’s pretty groovy, especially when the gondoliers start to sing. We didn’t actually get on the gondolas, but Stephen fell in the river once. Here’s a picture of that.


Here are teh wief and I with Teller after the show. Teller’s a cool guy, and very soft-spoken (and, yes, smart-asses, he does talk when he’s not in character). You’ll notice that even when he’s kind of leaning back and off to one side, Teller’s still noticably taller than me. So clearly you know what’s coming next:


A picture of us with Penn, of course. I’m not even taller than the picture of Penn on the sign behind me. He’s really large — even Dave and Stephen were meaningfully shorter than Penn, and they’re both big guys. Penn was pretty excited to hear that we’re also from his old hometown, so that makes me awesome. Awesomer.


And finally, for Dave’s benefit, this picture I took on the subway. Because it’s pretty funny.

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