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Orson Scott Card is my new hero

Check this shit out. Now, Card is a bit more willing to overlook relevant mistakes the Republicans did make than I am, and he’s a bit more inclined to support regulation instead of dissolution as far as humongous lending GSEs are concerned, but overall he’s completely right, and it’s nice to see somebody else who actually recognises that the Democratic party bears the brunt of the blame for the current financial crisis. I’m not particular fan of John McCain, but, yes, I did find it rather apalling that, after shoving this bailout down our throats, the Democrats were able to blame both the bailout and the situation it was bailing out on the Republicans. I really can’t believe people actually fell for that, and I’m not too thrilled with the multitude of American journalists who participated in selling that lie to the public. And neither, it seems, is Orson Scott Card.

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Virtual spousal abuse

Apparently some Japanese woman’s husband broke up with her, and so she got back at him by killing him. I know what you’re thinking — so what? That’s nothing too unusual. And that may be true, except that this marriage, divorce, and murder all took place in an MMORPG. The woman was apparently so upset about the collapse of her e-marriage that she broke into the man’s account and deleted his character. That’s a little bit wack.

Full disclosure: I play World of Warcraft, and I have in fact had a WOW wedding. But I haven’t seen my WOW husband in years, and I don’t even know if he still plays.

… Wait, was that gay?

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