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May 14th, 2008 Posted by | Small Man Comics | no comments

Everyone knows it’s windy

So I’m checking out LostWinds via the brand new WiiWare platform. You know what it reminds me of? Portal.

No, I’m serious. I mean, sure, it doesn’t have any hilarious evil computers, and it doesn’t have any 1500 megawatt Aperture Science supercolliding superbuttons, and it doesn’t have any, umm, portals, but it makes me think of Portal nonetheless. Like Portal, it’s essentially a puzzle game in a different genre’s framework; where Portal was a puzzle game FPS, LostWinds is a puzzle game platformer. You run your wacky little giant-headed fairy boy around the world using the analogue stick on the nunchuck, and you fly your magic wind spirit around using the pointer. Most of what you can do in the world involves using wind powers; you blow things around in various different ways to get through any given room, much like you would (in some other game) get through various rooms by opening portals in different places.

The other way LostWinds reminds me of Portal is that it appears to be pretty damn short. I’ve only put two hours into it so far, but I’m definitely getting the impression that I’m almost done. So if what sold you on Portal was the gameplay or the shortness, you might want to take a look at LostWinds. Of course, if what you liked was the crazy computer, there’s not much here for you.

May 14th, 2008 Posted by | Games | 3 comments