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Cavemen: 1, Eleven-year-old Girl: 0

So I hear the siblings of the girl who died of untreated diabetes because her parents prayed for her instead of getting her proper medical attention have been relocated and sent to live with relatives. This is a good thing. But it seems that they’re being sent back once the investigation is over, which is definitely a bad thing. These people are unfit to raise children. I’m sorry, but that’s the case. I’m perfectly willing to believe that there was no malice involved — in fact, you’d have a hell of a time convincing me otherwise, since it wouldn’t fit at all psychologically. But lack of malice is simply not enough. These people have demonstrated in the clearest possible way that they cannot reasonably be entrusted with the well-being of their children.

You cannot cure diabetes by praying that it goes away. You can’t cure it with herbal remedies, or with homeopathy, or through chiropractic, or through goddamn acupuncture. In fact, it can’t be cured at all, and if you lack the common sense and the intelligence to realise that if your eleven-year-old is deathly ill she needs to be taken to qualified medical practitioners who know what the fuck they’re doing, then you are not fit to be responsible for her care. Period. This isn’t the fucking fourteenth century anymore, people; there’s no excuse for this sort of ignorance.

March 29th, 2008 Posted by | Bullshit | no comments