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Happy Fun Corner!

We at perfectlydarien.com believe that our children are our greatest natural resource, and that they must be protected, sheltered, smothered, and all that. So we've created the Happy Fun Corner!, a safe haven in the wasteland of smut and depravity that is the internet. A place where kids can run free and wild and where their parents won't have to worry about corruption and foul language. A place of fun activities that are both entertaining and educational; in fact, we'd call the page edutainment if the word were not so rancid. The Happy Fun Corner! - another reason the world is a better place thanks to perfectlydarien.com.


Fill in the Blanks!

These are pretty simple. We display a word with a few missing letters - fill in the missing letters to complete the word! Click on the "answer" link next to each puzzle for the correct solution. Maybe you can even come up with some solutions we didn't think of!

F U _ K Answer

B I _ C H Answer

P U _ _ Y Answer

C U _ T Answer

S H _ T Answer

How did you do with those? Did you get them all? Good job! Now we have a question for the girls out there: What word sounds a lot like "sarcasm," but refers to what happens if somebody eats you? Answer

Good job with all of those hard questions! Did you learn anything? That's great! Now it's story time. This story is called "The Old Lady of the Forest."

There once was an old lady who lived in the forest.

All alone she was, since she her husband had passed away years before.

Kindly old Granny Smith was what everyone called her.

Every day, she baked a tray of cookies for all of the children who came to visit.

Daily, the children would stop by on their way home. They liked Granny a lot.

Returning from school one day, the children found that Granny was not home.

Unclear about where granny was, the children started to look around.

Granny was nowhere to be found. But then the children heard some odd noises coming from the bedroom.

Silently, they opened the door, and they saw that Granny was being attacked by a Big Bad Wolf!

Kindly old Granny was in trouble! The children rushed into the room to save her.

Interrupted and confused, the startled wolf leapt out the window and ran off into the woods.

Dear Granny Smith was so relieved and thankful, that she baked the children an extra-big batch of cookies.

Satisfied that they had saved Granny, the kids happily devoured their reward, and everyone lived happily ever after.

Did you like that story? Good. It's time to say good-bye for now, but check back soon! We'll come up with even more fun, family-friendly things for all you kids to do. 'Bye, now!

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