The Wilynator

So you want to be an evil, city-stomping, Earth-destroying, Megaman-fighting killer robot, huh? The first step to glory in your chosen career is to come up with a killer robot name. Who better to consult that the man who has more experience creating (and naming!) killer robots than any other man alive? That's right: Dr. Wily himself.

The Wilynator is a simple javascript applet that will take any name you put into it, and output your new killer robot name. The robot names are extrapolated from the name you put into it, which means that, if you forget your really great robot name, it'll be the same anytime you come back! And, if you're not satisfied, you can return your robot name anytime within thirty days and get a full refund!

Killer robotness or your money back? You just can't lose with a deal like that.

The first box generates a "fancy" Megaman-X-style name. The second box generates a "classic" Megaman-style name, which isn't as exciting (or as variable), but may appeal to fans of the classic series. Take your pick, or mix 'n' match!

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