Privacy Policy

The vast majority of perfectlydarien.com does not collect or use any personally identifiable information from its users. No information entered into The Wilynator is stored, and it cannot be retrieved by anyone. The Message Forum is a different matter, but perfectlydarien.com guarantees not to sell or exchange any information placed on the Message Forum or sent to us by e-mail with any third-party, except where required by law. Note that this does not imply any protection against information being harvested from the forum without our consent - all information posted there is publicly available. Also, all e-mail sent to perfectlydarien.com becomes the property of perfectlydarien.com; we guarantee that we will not give out any information directly to third-parties, but we reserve the right to use any part of any e-mail sent to us in any way on pd.com.

perfectlydarien.com reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Any personal information gathered by perfectlydarien.com prior to a policy change will remain covered by the policy that was in effect at the time the information was gathered.


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