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This is where we keep the backlogs of old news. If, for whatever reason, you want to read old news, this would be the place to go. The old news is broken into chunks of fairly random size and linked below. No guarantees are provided about the viability of any links in the old news, mind; I can't possibly be arsed to maintain them. Honestly.

07-18-06 - 03-13-07: The end of the world, the end of E3, Might & Magic, Star Wars, the lolstation 3, and World of Somethingorother.

07-11-05 - 07-13-06: World of Warcraft and it's not my fault, lots of video games, current events, and farewell to a friend.

03-11-04 - 05-31-05: Video games again, World of Warcraft a few times, Hell, Terry's back, and happy anniversary!

10-24-03 - 02-26-04: Clock towers, video games, Islam, SSOD, more new layouts, and happy birthday!

08-27-03 - 10-22-03: A new design, a new sidekick, B. B. King, communism, awards, the Nobel Prize, death of a spokesman, birth of a restaurant, and a boatload of whuppin'.

01-01-03 - 08-22-03: More fightin', more linkin', and more stickers. Also a lot of other stuff, since I waited far too long to truncate the news page.

05-15-02 - 12-25-02: Stupid holiday stories, fancy pictures, war, and lots of excuses for not updating.

03-11-02 - 05-08-02: Introductions, piles of new features, and the classic "no" picture.


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