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The Dariencast: the world's premier video game-related internet talk radio program. Do you like video games? Do you like listening to two of's staff nerds sit around and bullshit about video games for ages upon ages? If the answer to either of those questions is yes - or even maybe - then you need to be listening to this show. It is the best ever.

This page is a bit bare-bones at the moment, I know; it's basically this blurb of text and then download links for the show. There's also syndication, so you can set up your iPod or iconoclastic alternative to download new shows automatically. Also I'm working on getting an integrated player applet because they're neat. And I'm thinking about going through the material that got cut to find any especially good jokes that we didn't leave in and possibly posting them too. But for now, just the show. On with it!

Episode Five: Pirates of the Burning Podcast

In which we bitch about several different MMORPGs, argue about Portal without really reaching a consensus on anything, discuss modern video game art design as it applies to Professor Layton and some ten-year-old Playstation titles, clear up this whole pesky "Darien hates minigames" thing, and finally and conslusively settle the age-old question: which of Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario World had more colours of Yoshi?

The portal to the podcast is here. In the unlikely event of your demise, rest assured we will enjoy your cake for you.

Episode Four: Resident Stephen 4: Wii Edition

Stephen finally got a new Wii, and he's enthralled by my pick for game of 2007, Super Mario Galaxy. We talk about Mario, Smash Bros., Zelda, Metroid, and various other Nintendo properties. Here and there we sneak in a mention of a PC or Xbox game, but, let's face it, this episode is as Wii-centric as the current console marketplace.

Dariencast get! I'm serious. Dariencast get, bitches.

Episode Three: The Phantom Podcast

We get off to a rousing start this time by going off-topic before we've gotten on-topic at all. We talk about Barry Bonds' head and the International Space Station for a bit before eventually wending our way back toward video games. How much could we possibly have to say about video games after a whole year off? Well kids, this episode is long even by our standards, and we were hunkering down to go a whole lot longer when I called it on account of needing to upgrade the internet in order to host a file any larger.

HAY WHAT DOES THIS BUTTON DO?? It gets you the sexiest podcast alive, that's what. Well, in like three weeks when it's done downloading.

Episode Two: This time, ther'e ciborgs

In this episode, Stephen and I recap all the exciting events of 2006, from the PS3 to the Wii to the ESA, touching on several other three-letter names that make no sense to non-nerds in the process. We'll also diverge every couple of minutes to talk about Stephen's grandfather, what Stephen saw on TV lately, what the kids I went to grammar school with thought of the Turbografx 16, and, of course, the SNES vs. the Genesis. Special Christmas bonus: more extra length!

Download that sumbitch here. I abandoned the compressed versions, since after I figured out how not to screw up the recording the size differences got negligible.

Episode One: Straight Outta Redmond

The show is available in three formats, all of which are mp3. So you get to pick. The first one is the mp3 directly - with any luck and if I didn't screw it up, it should stream directly into your media player of choice. After that is the .zip version, for people who want to listen to the show later or what-have-you; that and its friend the .tar.gz version used to be considerably smaller than the bare .mp3, but then I fixed the .mp3 so it wasn't full of useless bytes and now the difference is much smaller. But, still, if you have a serious bandwidth pinch, there they are.

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