of Communism!

perfectlydarien.com is proud to present the continuing adventures of the world's premiere team of communist superheroes. These are men whose names are household words, fighting for truth, justice, and popular ownership of means of production. So join us weekly(ish) for the continuing adventures of The Heroes of Communism!

- The Cast -

LeninVladimir Ilyich Lenin
Chairman POW!Mao Tse-Tung
MarxKarl Marx
Friedrich EngelsFriedrich Engels
Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin

- The Strips -

03-23-05: Zoiks!

06-30-04: I Never Made It Without Biting

01-15-04: Special Commemorative Hip-Hop Edition

10-19-03: Knock! Knock!

10-05-03: Das Confrontation

09-28-03: Trouble Brewing

Also look for the continuing adventures of Karl Marx in the Great Figures in the History of Religious and Philosophical Thought Steel Cage Grudge Match, if and when it ever gets updated!


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